Sigma 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 DG Macro with EF530 DG Super Flash, Opteka 3 Piece Filter kit, Camera and Accessory Bag, 5 Piece Cleaning kit, AA Battery Pack and Charger for Sony Alpha Cameras

Sigma’s 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 DG Macro is another perfect option for the photographer who is looking for a compact, all purpose lens they can keep on their cameras virtually all of the time and not compromise quality or exceptional photographs. This lens is a high performance zoom lens that can move from wide angle to telephoto to close-ups in an instant and is so easy to carry around you’ll want to take it everywhere so you never miss a shot whether it be scenic and landscapes at the wide end and sports action or you a day at the beach at the long end. This impressive lens delivers a most impressive range and produces stunning photographs.

The EF-530 DG SUPER is designed to work with both AF 35mm SLR and digital cameras of all the popular manufacturers. The EF-530 DG SUPER is a multifunctional shoe mount type flash that provides a large amount of light, featuring a guide number of 53/m (174/ft) w/ISO 100. Among the diverse features of this flash, are the Autozoom function, which automatically sets the illumination angle in accordance with the focal length of the lens; TTL exposure control, which automatically regulates the amount of light; bounce and swivel head functions, which come in very handy for bounce photography; FP flash, which is capable of synchronizing the flash illumination with high shutter speeds; and the rear curtain synchro flash mechanism, which makes delayed synchro photography possible. A wireless slave function is also available for use with compatible cameras.
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