Speaker Microphone for Uniden radio

  • Medium duty speaker / shoulder microphone
  • Robust high impact plastic casing
  • 360 degree revolving clip with 8 position
  • Rugged water resistant design
  • Replaceable clip and easy to change

A medium duty handheld speaker microphone. Come with 360 degree, 8 position swivel lapel clip on the back of the microphone. The clip is replaceable and easy to change. A durable and stretchable cord that can extend to 6 feet long. Include a earphone jack at the bottom of the microphone covered with waterproof flap. It can insert a standard 3.5mm mono earphone plug (earphone not included). The casing is made of high impact plastic with water resistant design for rugged use.

Uniden (1-pin for GMR radio)
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