Scancat-Lite-Plus Scanning Programming Software for Police Scanners from Radio Shack, Uniden, GRE, Home Patrol

  • Computer programming software for Police Scanners
  • ALL police scanners are supported in our ONE single program!
  • Free OnLine Video Tutorials (over 8 Videos)
  • Free OnLine Access to Frequency sources such as Bearcat and Radio Reference
  • Programming Cable is not supplied. Must be Purchased from Manufacturer

In the tradition of all Scancat products, all radios supported are available in one software product. This means if you have any of the radios supported by Scancat-Lite PLUS, you only need to buy the one software program. If you have more than one radio that is supported, you can use the same databases from any of the radios (to the limits of their frequency coverage and features of course). Just pick the radio from the radio selection list and “plug it in”. The program supports both programming the radio’s memories and (if supported by the radio) downloading from the radio the frequency information already programmed. So you can download from one radio and send the same frequency information to a second or third radio.